The Diner

“One coffee honey, cream and extra sugar. The usual.”

I only took this job to get some extra cash for the bills.

God, it’s so hard. I’m lucky my sister can stay home with Sophie. She isn’t old enough to be on her own yet, but certainly old enough to get a temper. Jesus she’s just like her father.

Oh, I hate leaving her, but one day she’ll understand her mama had to do what she had to do. I’m doing it for us. It’s not like I want to spend all night on my feet, go home for breakfast, and I’m back out for the next job.

I wouldn’t have to do this if her dumbass father hadn’t walked out … Damn it! Spilled Ted’s coffee. That’s what I get for thinking bout him on the job. Oh Ted. He’s a nice guy. He’s been a regular here since Steve’s All-Night Diner opened, which was years ago. What did he want in his coffee again…? There are only a couple of other people in the diner tonight – some old man and I think his grandson. He seems bored. Kids these days. When I left the house Sophie was angry with me. That damned temper. She didn’t want me to leave her. Oh someday, babygirl. Someday you’ll understand.

“Hey girl, when will I get that coffee? I’ve gotta drive this truck all night!”

Oh Ted’s coffee! Here we go, cream and extra sugar.

“Comin’ Honey!

Tractor trailer men, always so impatient. Ha. It’s gonna be a long shift tonight. Sigh.


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