Late Night Drive

2:00 am. Baby won’t stop crying. Been driving around the block for a half hour. Wife suggests I go on the highway. Anything to stop that sound. Three weeks old and all he does is cry. What are we doing wrong? Will it get better? I hope so. If this keeps up, I’ll lose my job for loss of focus. Or lack of sleep. Headache kicking in. Surprised it took this long. Turning onto highway. 2:15 am. Not much traffic. Good. Don’t have to worry about idiots.  Wife is now crying. She feels like she’s a bad mother. Say something soothing. No, you aren’t a bad mother, we are just new at this. It’ll get better. She’s still crying. Not as hard. I bet crying won’t help the baby stop crying. Sirens in the background. Great. Just another added sound to the high wails in the backseat. Shit. They are behind me. Pull over so they can pass. Damn. An accident. Say a small prayer. Thank God it wasn’t us. Get off at next exit and start headed for home. 2:30 am. An hour in. The baby hiccuped. Crying has turned to splutters. Wife is shushing me. I haven’t said anything for the last fifteen minutes. She’s tired. So am I. The gas tank is almost empty. Perfect. Pull off highway into gas station. Fill up tank. Guy at the counter was an asshole. Well yea buddy, I’m tired too, but you haven’t been listening to a crying baby for over an hour. Get back in car. Full gas tank – 50 bucks. Ugh. Drive home. Pulling into driveway. 3:00 am. Wife and baby are asleep. Well, at least it’s quiet.


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