Late Shift

The doors fly open, and a stretcher comes rushing in with men shouting. If the shouting didn’t catch his attention, it would have been the squeaky wheels. The sound made his hair stand on end; they always brought trouble. Especially during the late shift.

“What happened?” he asks as he rushes along with them, notepad in had.

“Motorcycle crash, she didn’t see the truck. Tractor trailer- tired driver at the wheel. The helmet prevented head damage, but there’s internal bleeding.”

“In here!” He directs them to the nearest empty room. “1, 2, 3, lift!”  They transfer her onto a table. He feels for her pulse. There is none.

“She has no pulse!” He rips open her shirt to gain access to her chest. Nurses rush to bring him the defibrillator.

“Clear!” He shocks her once, right between her breasts. Nothing. He shocks her again, and then once more, but nothing can stop the flat line he is hearing.

Being a doctor, he was used to this, and it didn’t get any easier. But seeing her there has his vision blurred. She is… was so young, and he couldn’t save her. A failure for the night, one of despair.

He thinks of his family asleep at home, and a girl with similar eyes to the ones that are now closed forever. Out of the corner of his eye, comes a single tear.

“Mark it,” he says in a small voice.”Time of death, 3:15 am.”


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