The Clearing

The two lovers kiss each other feverishly in the clearing of a field. The ground is soft, and the blanket they brought is warm. They stole away at dusk to be together. When they first arrived in the clearing, fireworks greeted them, as if there arrival was expected. The fireworks are long forgotten now. They whisper sweet nothings in each others ears and hold each other tight. Their innocence is lost among the sounds of crickets and the wind against the tall wheat surrounding them. “I want you to have this” he says, giving her his high school ring. “It’s my promise to you.” She smiles as she puts it around the chain she has on her neck. Her eyes sparkle as she looks into his. He would take her out of this small town in the middle-of-no-where. He would save her. They kiss once more, until she notices the sky has gotten lighter and dawn is upon them already. Her father is working the late shift at the hospital, but he’d be back soon. They run out of the clearing holding each other’s hands, knowing that they will do the same thing tomorrow night. Hardly sleeping and not caring, because they will be together. When the sun sets, and rises.


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