Bobcat goes Shark Fishing on Florida Beach

It’s not often that one see’s a bobcat in the swampy humid extravagances of Florida, but this particular bobcat had been seen poking around a secluded beach many times over the years and was counted by the locals as a lonely soul. For it is common knowledge that the bobcat walks along the beach at night, yowling at the water with a sound so piercing it can be felt in the soul.
One night, a tourist traipsed along the beach, unbeknownst to him that this beach belonged to our lonely bobcat. Suddenly, the bobcat shot past him into the water and pulled out a long-nosed shark. The tourist could not decide if he was more terrified or fascinated by the creature with his new prize. The snapped a picture with his tourist-required-camera and the next day visited the local papers. It did not take long for the headlines to appear: Bobcat Goes Shark Fishing on Florida Beach!

At first people were outraged. This is not the time of year to go fishing for sharks. Protesters appeared on the secluded beach, signs held high with the bobcat’s likeness etched upon them, a red circle with a line across it. “No bobcats here! No bobcats here!” The lonely bobcat did not know how to react, so terrified it was. It hid in a cove of piled driftwood, isolating itself from the angry mob of shark fishing activists.

Some of the locals fought back, holding signs of their own baring “No tourists.” The local newspapers were getting weeks worth of entertainment and articles out of the spectacle. Finally, authorities had to step in. It was decided that in truth, there are no shark-fishing regulations for bobcats. Just people.

The protesters dispersed, the locals had more stories to tell, and the bobcat was finally able to come out from it’s driftwood cove. It can still be heard yowling at night – and if one were to walk along the beach they would find shark bones buried within the sands.


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