She sat on her porch step watching the morning rise. She did this every morning as part of her routine, and this routine did not vary much. She woke up every morning at 5 am, a habit she’d been unable to kick since the discharge. She did 50 crunches in 1 minute, followed by 27 push ups in one minute – minimum requirements but she’d settle for it. Then she went on her 3 mile run. 3 miles may not seem like much, but when you do it every morning it keeps you fresh. When she returned from her run she’d indulge herself by make pancakes, though sometimes it was waffles. Continue reading “‘BOB’”


Bobcat goes Shark Fishing on Florida Beach

It’s not often that one see’s a bobcat in the swampy humid extravagances of Florida, but this particular bobcat had been seen poking around a secluded beach many times over the years and was counted by the locals as a lonely soul. For it is common knowledge that the bobcat walks along the beach at night, yowling at the water with a sound so piercing it can be felt in the soul.
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Don’t Look Back

The man sat in an old solid desk chair in a small room with no windows. The table was old as well, wooded and splintering. He took solace in that it was circular. Tables never seemed to be circular anymore. In one hand was a cup of black coffee, bitter and lukewarm. The other, a newspaper turned to the obituaries. A face stared back at him, and chills ran down the back of his neck. He read aloud as if to make it seem more real.

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